Celebrity Apprentice | Doesn’t NBC have an Arnold Schwarzenegger Problem?

What are they going to do about their new Celebrity Apprentice Host who is an ADMITTED Womanizer, Groper, Adulterer, Philanderer, and overall Nasty Man?

I knew the minute they announced who the “replacement” host was, I could NEVER EVER watch the show again.  I don’t care if TRUMP still owns a piece of it.

I’m just playing fair and balanced here.  No double standards.  Since TRUMP & Billy Bush are no longer pristine enough for NBC, isn’t it time to clean up their house, pun intended?

If you’re not up to date on Arnold’s many escapades, here’s a handful to get you started.  If you need more, just do a search on his name and include the word “scandals”.  You’ll find plenty more articles and videos where that came from.


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