WWHL | Bevy Smith | Well, You Know I Love Hillary, Because I Have No Choice But To Love Her

Last night on BRAVO’s Watch What Happens Live, one of their listener’s called in and asked guest Bevy Smith, “If you were Hillary Clinton’s stylist, how would you style her?”  In BRAVO‘s own words, “Bevy gives her unfiltered advice.”

Bevy (1st 6 seconds!): Well, you know I love Hillary, because I have no choice but to love her!

Andy Cohen (WWHL Show Host & BRAVO Mega-Mogul): AMEN!

Bevy: YES.

Melissa Gorga and Bevy Smith, WWHL Guests on September 18, 2016


I’ll let you listen to the rest of this Hillaryous clip on your own, but I warn you, Hillary’s cankles are up next.

BRAVO to Bevy and Andy, for the unfiltered part, but where is it written that “You Have To Love Hillary”?!

Oh, and on TRUMP’s suits, the “extra material” part.  How about you all trying to wear a bullet proof vest under your clothing at all times, and see what kind of changes you might make to your wardrobe for a bit of air flow?  People who live in glass houses…

And, maybe, to make it really real, since your business is “reality”, go on the road with him for a few days, and see what it’s like campaigning and meeting in all kinds of “hot” places.

Or, if you’re too scared to try that, turn off the AC in your “Clubhouse” for a week while wearing your bullet proof vests.  Think of how GREEN you could be at the same time.  That’s a reality show we’d really like to see.

While you’re at it, PLEASE take some pix of the labels all of you were wearing last night.  I want to see how much of your “style” was Made in the USA!

P.S.  This may be gone soon, SO WATCH IT NOW!!!


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