YES, She DID Leave Her Shoe, But She Was “Overheated”

Has anyone started a Hillary’s Shoe Reunification Counter yet?  How much will that picture be worth?

Apparently it’s NOT OK to separate illegal immigrant families, but it IS OK to separate your shoes in NYC when you “overheat” and all you really want is for your “security team” to get you outta’ there so you can go cool off at your daughter’s $10M apartment.

Or, maybe she saw a “Basket of Deplorables” and had to get away quickly using her taxpayer-paid “security team”.



We have no honest journalists left, so we’ll probably never know the truth about anything Hillary says or does.

We can’t even TRUST the Secret Service to tell us the TRUTH!  This is a COVER-UP of the highest magnitude!

But, I’m beginning to think those voodoo dolls really work.  Those 4 Americans she left to die in Benghazi may be having a little fun with their Zippo’s today, just so she knows exactly what it feels like in the heat on 9/11 after THEIR 600+ requests for “security” and later, for ASSISTANCE, were ignored.

Mission Approved!

Bravo Soldiers!  Carry On!


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