WARNING OUT: Depart vs Deport


One of the things I love about family history is the actual history you can learn along the way, if you are open to the exploration.  True history comes alive and is much more exciting when you are fully involved with a family and their walk through life at the time.  It is one of the reasons I think you should get your children, or grandchildren, involved early on too.  With everything online these days, they can help in so many tasks like digging up newspaper articles, books on new topics, researching the terms you learn along the way, or scanning the family photos.

Recently I came across a term I had never heard of, about a family who was “Warned Out” of several communities in New England, and eventually they made their way to Ohio, where they planted roots all over Erie County.

Always curious, I did more research on the term and found a great book on it, Warning Out in New England, 1656-1817 by Josiah Henry Benton (1843-1917).

The topic should sound quite familiar, and IF nothing else, it is great ammunition the next time you hear someone say that deportation of Illegal Aliens, ALL of them criminals by their very own acts, is “Not Who We Are“.  Hogwash!  Here’s your proof!

Take back your states, neighborhoods and communities.  You have rights.

Here is a staggering new video on the problem by AmericaWorking.org.

and a great article, Stunning Video Examines Scope of Illegal Alien Influx to U.S…., by Sundance at The Conservative Treehouse.

I have always said, the minute TRUMP WINS, all he needs to do is to look into the camera and tell these folks they have 30 days to report to their nearest consulate/embassy for removal instructions.  TRUST ME, they know exactly where these offices are.

The consulates/embassies must provide the cost of their transportation home if they are unable to provide it themselves, and they have 90 days to get it done, FOR EVERYONE HERE ILLEGALLY.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

After that, ALL Illegal Aliens WILL BE ARRESTED and DEPORTED by the USA ICE Agents, ALL costs to be billed to the appropriate countries, and they will lose ALL chance of ANY POSSIBLE LEGAL RETURN, providing they had one in the first place.  Congrats, you just banned yourself!

These consulates/embassies should have been doing this all along.  You can’t get away with this finger in the eye of the laws in China, Mexico, or anywhere else on the planet.  Look it up!

After this 120 day period, the vast majority of these offices need to be shut down.  THEY ARE THE PROBLEM.  We all know that they encourage and applaud these ILLEGAL behaviors.  The last time I checked , less than a year ago, there were 46 Mexican Consulate/Embassy offices operating in the USA alone.  I think they are up to at least 50 now.  That is ridiculous!  Imagine that number x every other country these ILLEGAL ALIENS are from.

AK-Anchorage-Mexican Consulate
AR-Little Rock-Mexican Consulate
AZ-Nogales-Mexican Consulate
AZ-Phoenix-Mexican Consulate
AZ-Tucson-Mexican Consulate
CA-Calexico-Mexican Consulate
CA-Fresno-Mexican Consulate
CA-Los Angeles-Mexican Consulate
CA-Oxnard-Mexican Consulate
CA-Sacramento-Mexican Consulate
CA-San Diego-Mexican Consulate
CA-San Francisco-Mexican Consulate
CA-San Jose-Mexican Consulate
CO-Denver-Mexican Consulate
D.C.-Washington-Mexican Embassy
FL-Miami-Mexican Consulate
FL-Orlando-Mexican Consulate
GA-Atlanta-Mexican Consulate
IL-Chicago-Mexican Consulate
IN-Indianapolis-Mexican Consulate
LA-New Orleans-Mexican Consulate
MA-Boston-Mexican Consulate
MI-Detroit-Mexican Consulate
MN-Minneapolis-Mexican Consulate
MO-Kansas City-Mexican Consulate
NC-Raleigh-Mexican Consulate
NE-Omaha-Mexican Consulate
NM-Albuquerque-Mexican Consulate
NV-Las Vegas-Mexican Consulate
NY-New York-Mexican Consulate
NY-New York-Mexican Permanent Mission to the UN
OR-Portland-Mexican Consulate
PA-Philadelphia-Mexican Consulate
PR-San Juan-Mexican Consulate
TX-Austin-Mexican Consulate
TX-Brownsville-Mexican Consulate
TX-Dallas-Mexican Consulate
TX-Del Rio-Mexican Consulate
TX-Eagle Pass-Mexican Consulate
TX-El Paso-Mexican Consulate
TX-Houston-Mexican Consulate
TX-Laredo-Mexican Consulate
TX-Presidio-Mexican Consulate
TX-San Antonio-Mexican Consulate
UT-Salt Lake City-Mexican Consulate
WA-Seattle-Mexican Consulate

It is a racket for all involved, and no one more so than the immigration lawyers and interpreters too.  The USA money store needs to close PERMANENTLY for all of these racketeers and ILLEGAL ALIENS.

A Strong President TRUMP will put a stop to this very quickly.



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