Video: I Stand With TRUMP

An excellent and very timely video from an American Citizen and Patriot:

h/t to the Gardener: MfM


2 thoughts on “Video: I Stand With TRUMP

  1. Donald Trump is saying things that should have been said long ago. For instance, does the MSM ever tell us that our immense debt, unemployment, and domestic trouble exist because our industrial base was sent to Red China, a country who was, with the Soviet Union, our greatest enemy? That shows us something about his character. He is proud of our country and people and is intelligent, informed, and courageous enough to openly declare that the goal of any American politician or party is to protect not only borders, language, and culture. Culture involves Judeo-Christian values and remembrance of those who laboured, fought, and died to make this the great nation we became. Not understood by many is the fact that our destruction is sought by not only men, but by the wicked spiritual forces that motivate, guide, and empower them.

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