A Christmas Story: The Murder of Bob & Ariel Clark by Illegal Alien

While you are sitting around the tube watching Christmas movies with the family this year, the next time you see “A Christmas Story“, one of the most iconic Christmas movies of all time, here’s an “anecdote” I bet you won’t hear from the glib Geraldo Rivera.

On 4 Apr 2007, the Director of the film, Bob Clark, was murdered along with his son Ariel by an Illegal Alien in the United States.  I bet you can guess where.

Hector Valazquez-Nava, an illegal alien, has been arrested and booked on suspicion of DUI, operating a motor vehicle without a license, and gross vehicular manslaughter. Nava’s SUV allegedly swerved into Clark’s father’s car, in which Ariel was a passenger, causing a head-on accident. Ariel Clark and his father Bob Clark died at the scene.”


Please keep their memory alive by sharing this story!

A Christmas Story Trailer

A Christmas Story House


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