Jeb Bush Thinks the U.S. Is Doing Something Noble by Taking Care of Illegal Alien Anchor Babies

Jeb also threw Asians under the bus this week, while on the U.S./Mexican border, saying Asians were the main perpetrators.

Here is a clip from 2008, by former CBS News Anchor Katie Couric:

2008 CBS News Exposed Mexican Illegal Immigration Anchor Baby Problem

And another, from 2010, by Anderson Cooper of CNN:

The Immigration Loophole (Anchor Babies)

If you are one of the RULING CLASS ELITE, you may WANT us to believe this is noble, but for those who UNWILLINGLY get stuck with all of their bills, what do REAL American Citizens think?

And, are you at all offended by a U.S. Presidential Candidate who stands on U.S. soil and speaks in Spanish to reporters?


4 thoughts on “Jeb Bush Thinks the U.S. Is Doing Something Noble by Taking Care of Illegal Alien Anchor Babies

  1. Along the border, who’s an ‘anchor baby’ is a guessing game
    September 3, 2015
    Reporting from Rio Grande City, Texas

    “Starr County Memorial is a modest red-and-gray brick building with 44 beds, a family clinic and an emergency room, taxpayer-funded through a hospital district.

    Just how many Mexican mothers come to give birth to the babies and the cost of caring for them are unclear.

    “They do come on purpose,” said Thalia Munoz, chief executive of Starr County Memorial. “We have to absorb the costs.… It’s a persistent problem. It’s a fact: They come over here for the anchor baby, they come over for the benefits.”

    “The doctors don’t ask whether patients are in the country legally, though they do ask expectant mothers to provide a local address, in part because they are required by state law to test newborns for genetic diseases and follow up. “Most of them do have an address. Whether it’s a real address or not, who knows,” Guerrero said.

    Expectant mothers who live in Texas — whether they are legal residents or not — qualify for a state program providing prenatal care. If the mothers can’t pay for deliveries, Medicaid pays doctors and the hospital a portion of the cost.”

    “Many of the women that he and other doctors see are poor, but others are not, and some of them have crossed the border legally. Professionals from Mexico — doctors, dentists and graduate students — will schedule caesarean sections at a U.S. hospital, paying for the services, sometimes in cash, the doctors said.

    Guerrero recalled a Mexican dentist who crossed the border so her delivery would be paid by Medicaid, which she qualified for because she was born in the U.S. “She should have paid for it. You work for a living, you have the money. I guess it goes to character,” he said.”

    Read more:

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