Macy’s Has Received Complaints From Approximately 30,000 Customers Since Firing Donald Trump

From TMZ on 7/13/2015 2:02 PM PDT

Full TMZ article here: Macy’s Takes it In the Shorts …Over Firing

Macy’s SHOULD BE ashamed of themselves!  I guess they aren’t paying attention to their own Diversity Leadership credo’s:

“With stores located in the most diverse markets in the nation, it’s essential to have a strategic plan for diversity: to serve and connect with diverse customers, create a diverse workforce, foster an inclusive work environment where different perspectives are valued, partner to share our time, talent, and resources with our communities, maintain access for the continued development of a diverse vendor network, communicate values, and finally, grow sales and profit by capturing the buying power of a diverse market.”

They just shut down an entire audience of Americans, and the buying power of American Citizens!  Great Job Macy’s.
I hope your balance sheet soon reflects it!

For everyone cutting up your Macy’s Cards, and boycotting their stores and websites, here’s a few more Macy’s companies to boycott:

Bloomingdale’s Outlet

Boycott Macy’s Brands too!


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