San Francisco Was No Sanctuary City for Danielle Bologna Or Her Family

The Incredible Story and Strength of Danielle Bologna

All she cared about was her family.
Then all she cared about was why they were killed and how to hold San Francisco accountable for the bleeding-heart policies that had kept their accused murderer on our streets.
In her search for justice, she became a symbol of anti-immigrant xenophobia across the land.  Now she’s discovered that for three years, she’s been blaming the wrong people.
She deserves the truth.  But she’s had to settle for witness protection.


Anthony Bologna & Sons Michael and Matthew on Find A Grave

No Sanctuary for Danielle Bologna

3 Questions in the Bologna Case

How A Nice Little Sanctuary Law Blew Up

Court Rules San Francisco Not Liable For Fatal Shootings By Illegal Immigrant

Trial Update:
On May 9, 2012, a San Francisco Superior Court Jury convicted Edwin Ramos of first-degree murder in the murder of Tony Bologna and his sons Michael and Matthew.


Widow Speaks About Life in Hiding After San Francisco Triple Killing with Audio Interview

Update: July 9, 2012, Wilfredo “Flaco” Reyes, 31, was arrested in North Carolina for his alleged role in the murder of Anthony Bologna and his sons Michael and Matthew.

San Francisco: Bologna Murder Accomplice Is Sentenced-July 10, 2015

“Outside court, Marti McKee, a spokeswoman for the Bolognas, said the gang element of the case had forced the family to leave their home in San Francisco and take “enormous security precautions.”

McKee also released a statement from Danielle Bologna on the July 1 shooting of 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle on the Embarcadero.

Danielle Bologna has long said that the shooting that killed her husband and sons was preventable, and sued the city in 2009 for shielding Ramos. A judge threw out the suit.

“Violent criminals, convicted felons and gang members illegally in the United States should not be shielded by any law enforcement agency,” she said in her statement. “I am begging community leaders to put public safety first so another preventable tragedy for another family is avoided.”

She said she understood that “most immigrants who come here do so to have a better life and are trying to do just that. But those that come into our communities and commit serious crimes should not be released back to our communities to see what happens next.”

“In my case, Tony, Michael and Matthew were what happened next.””

Sanctuary City Position Comes Under Fire-Petition Created To Amend Law


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