OOPSIE! More & More People Are Finding Out That The FBI Report Agrees With Donald Trump


REPORT: Trump Gets Unexpected Support From This Gov’t Agency… Obama Is Fuming… #WakeUpAmerica #Trump2016

“The report details gangs along the border claiming “Hispanic gangs, such as MS-13, the Eme, Sureños, and TB, continue to pose a significant threat to the Southwest border region.”

The report also revealed that, in many cases, gang members committing these crimes are not U.S. citizens nor are they lawful permanent residents.

This newly released data couldn’t come at a more perfect time for Trump, who has claimed that many crossing the Mexican border “have lots of problems … They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.”

It looks like President Barack Obama and the left have more of a reason to dislike Trump — and those pesky facts that often get in the way of their misguided thinking.”


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