18 year old Homicide Case May Yet Get Justice in CA Because They Work With Federal Authorities, Unlike “sanctuary cities”

Justice may yet be served in an 18 year old homicide cold case, because “Harwoods department works with federal authorities, unlike departments in so-called “sanctuary cities.”

“An illegal immigrant from Mexico doing time in a federal prison for unlawfully reentering this country is set to appear before a judge next week over his alleged involvement in the killing of a homeless woman 18 years ago in California.

Linda Louise Archer, 43, was beaten to death Aug. 16, 1997, in her campsite off Highway 101 near Castillo Street.

“The normal state of affairs is for local, state and federal agencies in the criminal justice system to work with each other. We pick up the phone and talk. In this case, ICE informed us that Manzanares was in custody,” he said.”

For more, read: Illegal immigrant nabbed in Calif. cold case killing in homeless camp


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