And The Arizona Pastor To A Hispanic Congregation Says This About Trump!

“When did truth become relative, a tool to be twisted and shaped to fit a narrative?  When did different ideas become out of bounds?

“To compound the problem many of the 2016 GOP Presidential Candidates weighed in on the matter.  Most notably, Mitt Romney stated that Mr. Trump, “insulted the Mexican-American people.”  My question is, where are these people you speak of Mr. Romney?

The hardworking Mexican-Americans I work alongside in the most crime ridden and impoverished communities in Phoenix are not insulted.  They understand exactly who Mr. Trump was referring to.  He was referring to the individuals that come into the country illegally and devastate many Hispanic communities.

The men and women I know are the ones affected most by the failed immigration policies of our government.  These individuals live everyday with the fear, violence, and drugs that results from these criminal elements descending on their communities.”

Read more: Pastor To Hispanic Congregation Speaks Out On Trump Immigrant Crime Statement

This echoes what I have known and heard for years from ALL hard working Americans, of all races.  Neither the Democrats or the Republicans Speak For America or Americans.

I commend the Pastor for speaking out!  Here’s a clip of him at work.  If you are in Phoenix, go visit his church!


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