Shine Your Porch Lights Tonight & EVERY NIGHT For Kate Steinle and ALL Victims of Lawlessness

I have buried an innocent, shot in a gang drive by, and I can assure you that all Kate’s parents want right now is to bury their daughter. They are grieving, and are just going through the motions of a new life without their daughter who was taken from them in a senseless, preventable crime. Every one of them is playing the blame game within themselves. Why didn’t I do this different? Why her, not me?

Their only solace, for now, is that the man who murdered their loved one was quickly put behind bars, and has allegedly admitted to shooting their Kate. Not that there was any question, since Kate’s father was right there to witness it all. That murderer is off the streets and with any luck will never see the light of day again. They, and America, can rest a little easier at night because of this. We know that man will never murder again, and if he should, there will be even more H3LL to pay.

Some don’t get to sleep at night. We were not so lucky. We never got to say goodbye. Our loved one died in someone else’s arms. We had to send a member of the family to the hospital to identify their cold, dead body. We saw up close and personal what is left after a body is autopsied. Finding and bringing the criminals to justice took a long time due to the gang Code of Silence. Every moment that these murderers were not behind bars, we had to worry about who else would be murdered before they were caught, and would we be next? We had to face this every day, and a piece of us died a little more every day.

Sooner or later, this family will have gone through all of the motions required to bury their beautiful daughter. All of the little and loving details they have to deal with because of this unexpected assault on their family will be behind them, and they will move on to new stages of grieving. Anger is one of those stages.

In my heart of hearts, I Believe, I KNOW, that they will soon be stronger, willing and able to find and add their voices to the ever-growing chant of law-abiding Americans. We ask only one small thing:

The Lawlessness in America MUST STOP!
We Pay Good Money for ALL OF YOU TO PROTECT US!
You ALL Took An Oath of Office!

Keeping Kate’s name alive IS VERY IMPORTANT!
Sharing her beauty and putting real faces on these senseless murders is Very Important!

Shining the Light is The Only Way to Make That Happen!
IF You Want To Make America Be Great Again,
IF You Want Truth and Law To Be Restored,

Turn On Your Porch Lights Tonight!
Shine The Light Across America!
Force Them To See The Light and Speak The Truth.
Show Them We Won’t Back Down!


Homicide Survivors – Grief By Homicide


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